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CBD – The Cure to Restoring Hormone Imbalances?

Welcome, we're happy you made it! The odds of you stumbling upon this article are likely no mistake. Take it as a sign that you've made it to the right place. We're going to go out on a limb here and guess that you might be suffering from irritating breakouts? Crying over the smallest of things? Waking up exhausted from lack of sleep? Perhaps it's anxiety from dealing with a period that doesn't seem to quit. Or, possibly worse, you're suffering from the lack thereof? How'd we know, you ask? Because, same girl, same! So, If any of those sounds vaguely familiar, you may be experiencing the highs and lows of a hormonal imbalance. 

Hormone imbalances can happen in both men and women in unalike ways. This is because our bodies have different biological makeups, such as our endocrine organs and cycles that differ from men's. Almost every person with female reproductive organs has or will experience these dreadful, gosh-forsaken hormone imbalances at some point in their life, let alone on a recurring monthly basis *insert eye roll*. Fluctuating hormones can occur during puberty, menstruation, pregnancy, and menopause, but as luck may have it, these imbalances can strike at any time. Some women even have to suffer through continual unwanted imbalances…bogus, right?  

Within the last few years, a plant-based product started drawing the attention of many with its claim of having the transcendent ability to contribute to the balance of hormones actively. This claim became verified through multiple studies by the National Library of Medicine. So, what is this miracle plant? Well, it's CBD, of course. CBD might just be the answer to restoring harmony and balance to our hormones and easing the symptoms that make us feel miserable and unable to live our best lives. 


Hormones are essential to our well-being, overall health, and every bodily process, including; metabolism, growth, body temperature, reproduction and sexual health, sleep, blood pressure, emotions, and more! Oomph. That's a lot, right?! In a nutshell, hormones are our body's chemical couriers and are presented as tiny, tiny amounts of molecules from our Endocrine Glands. These little fellas enter the bloodstream and find their way to specific receptor sites in the organs and tissues, where they then cause hormone changes to take place. 

The most prevalent endocrine glands reside in the brain, the groin, the neck, the abdomen, and right above the kidneys. Those endocrine glands form a communicative network to ensure everything runs smoothly and maintains regular bodily functions, like our body's own personal pit crew. The reality, regardless of these messengers appearing minuscule, they're awfully mighty and can wreak major havoc on us if unbalanced.


Our hormones fluctuate naturally during menstrual cycles, pregnancy, puberty, and menopause. These shifts are usually predictable and indicate that our body is functioning normally, just like how we know our period is about to start when we notice irregular acne popping up around the chin. But, despite those indicators, hormones can shift due to other varying reasons that lead to unwanted, irregular hormone imbalances. Imbalances can occur when one of the endocrine glands produces too little, too much, or even worse, stops producing hormones entirely! Kinda like in the story of the three bears, the endocrine glands must be producing just the right amount of hormones. Specific health conditions can cause imbalances but can also stem from other lifestyle conditions, such as severe stress, anxiety, being overweight, taking steroids, and even consuming high levels of soy. Wtf?

The environment can also play a decisive role in fluctuating hormones. If you surround yourself with things like plastics, industrial chemicals, and pesticides, there's a strong chance that you'll experience hormonal imbalances at some point. Other indicators pointing to a hormone imbalance include sweating, mood changes, weight gain or loss, blurred vision, and headaches. 

At this point, you must be thinking, "Oh great. So all the symptoms that already come with my period. How will I be able to tell the two apart? It can be hard to tell what's genuinely influencing a hormone imbalance. So to play it safe, we suggest taking your daily dose of CBD to maintain a constant start of harmony. 


The human body is home to an interconnected network of receptors called the endocannabinoid system. CBD is the active ingredient in hemp and cannabis plants that works closely with our body's endocrine system and our endocannabinoid system (ECS) to help balance our hormones. ECS works harmoniously with our immune, nervous, and endocrine systems. This trifecta regulates critical functions in our mood, for instance, stress, mood, sleep, memory, inflammation, digestive health, and, you guessed it, our hormones. The two main types of cannabinoid receptors in the ECS are our CB1 and CB2 receptors. You can find these receptors on the major glands within our body and are activated by endocannabinoids. Let's familiarize ourselves with these receptors, shall we?

CB1 Receptors

CB1 receptors can primarily be found in our bodies central nervous system. You’ll find them in the brain and spinal cord, some in our organs and tissues, including endocrine glands and parts of the gastrointestinal, reproductive, and urinary tracts!

CB2 Receptors

Unlike our CB1 receptors, CB2 receptors involve our peripheral nervous system and play a significant role in fighting inflammation. CB2 receptors are primarily found in white blood cells, tonsils, and the spleen.


When we introduce plant-powered remedies such as CBD into our body, something magnificent begins to transpire, supercharging our endocannabinoid system. Because the ECS and endocrine system are closely related, CBD can also alter the synthesis and release of hormones. This interaction creates modified hormones that are being sent to our glands, and upon receiving their messages, they send out their own neutralizing hormones as a response! 

To maintain an equilibrium of hormones, a yin and yang state of emotions, those little messengers must be broken down and flushed out once they complete their intended goal. Cannabinoids are marvelous at this because they can weaken or lessen receptors' sensitivity to a specific hormone. Thus, CBD can increase or decrease the volume and strength of your hormonal messages. In addition, CBD can help maintain the rate of enzymes that break down the hormones resulting in a healthy menstrual cycle free from brain fog to improve mood and digestion. Best believe it, baby! Yup.

Some of the major hormones that CBD is said to help with are:

  • Estrogen
  • Thyroid Hormones
  • Testosterone
  • Growth Hormone
  • Cortisol
  • Insulin


We sincerely believe in the benefits of CBD, plant medicine, and their healing abilities. If you see a doctor, most treatment options vary and involve some sort of antidote depending on the conditions you're diagnosed with. Unfortunately, this method often consists of trial and error and can take women many years to find the proper medication(s) to combat the symptoms they're suffering with. That's why many, including the women behind Goddess Well, trust CBD to do what Big Pharma falls short of.

Although there seem to be dozens of CBD brands and products on the market these days, Goddess Well always seems to be the beacon of hope and health for many in our divine community. At Goddess Well, we exist to create the highest-quality CBD and plant medicine with women in mind and provide education and community to fellow female goddesses as they reclaim their health and connect with their best selves. 

Browse our holistic selection of CBD products with a particular focus on our Harmony blend. A hormone and mood-specific CBD product aimed at hormone imbalances, improving mood, and assisting in the mind + body + spirit connection for self (and collective) healing. A combination of highly absorbable nano-CBD (double the dose of most CBD products!) and several delightful and fruitful botanicals such as evening primrose, saw palmetto, chaste tree, clary sage, and rosemary. This impressive blend works together to relieve your hormone-related mood fluctuations. Who couldn't benefit from some extra harmony in their life? Am I right? 

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