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Purpose 1

Goddess Well is an integral part of the conversation.

A conduit to the feminine rising.

We begin to fill in the gaps where medicine has failed (and downright ignored) us and break the taboos to have real, authentic conversations to find real, natural solutions.

Let’s take back our power.
Let’s connect with mother earth to heal us.
Let’s call on and believe in our highest selves again.

Our Vision

Our Vision

At Goddess Well we deeply believe in the benefits of plant medicine and its ability to assist in the mind , body , spirit connection for self (and collective) healing.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Goddess Well exists to create the highest-quality Plant medicine products, education and community for women as they reclaim their health and connect with their best self .

Purpose 2

Our Promise to You

At Goddess Well, we don’t think you can treat just one part of a woman. Everything is connected and we believe in multi-dimensional wellness, treating the whole self and doing everything with purpose... and passion.

With a humble and holistic mindset, we are:

  • Open, honest, and draw on the wisdom of generations of women.
  • Our products are practical and nature-centric. An important balance!
  • Our information is thorough and well-researched. This includes testing every product ourselves and with loved one, and not stopping until it’s perfect.
  • Committed to open and honest conversation and demystifying women’s health. No more taboo