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Hello Goddess, welcome! If you’re here for the tea on all Goddess Well products and what goes into the making, we’re ready to spill it! We’re sharing all our secrets with you! Why? Because we believe that our fellow sisters (and brothers) should know what they’re putting in their bodies and where it’s being sourced. It’s never fun to read the back of a bottle and wonder what half the ingredients are and if they’re even safe to consume. Take Phenylephrine, for example. An ingredient that is in most decongestants yet proven to be a placebo. Not cool. That’s why we wanted to be fully transparent about what we put in our products and why. 

Half the journey to tapping into our self-healing power is being conscious of our choices. If you decided on Goddess Well as your spiritual guide and self-healing assistant, we thank you and want to share some insight on the ingredients we use, where they’re sourced, and how they can help you to step into your highest self.

So please sit back and relax while we go over what makes our products exceptionally unique and why they stand out from other CBD products on the market.

What’s the Hype With Goddess Well Products?

Not to toot our own horn, but Toot Toot! When first starting out, we spent time hand-picking the ingredients. We wanted to make sure each element we chose would benefit women and the daily struggles we face. For example, the unwanted PMS, abrupt hot flashes, burning UTI, and overall mood control for those times when our hormones can't decide whether they want to be up or down. You know, the usual stuff. But not to keep talking about the negatives. We're here to start sharing the positives!

All Goddess Well products use CBD or Nano-CBD and blend that with a conscientious list of botanic herbs. We believe that healing the body doesn’t always need western medicine, but trying a more naturopathic way could be just what the doctor ordered, and by the doctor, we mean Mother Nature. If we look closely enough, there’s a whole supply of plants and herbs in our backyard! Okay, maybe not literally in the backyard, but you get the point. This planet has an extraordinary collection of medicinal and ancient herbs used for years to treat serious ailments. It wasn’t until the late 70’s that holistic practices began to be socially recognized. It makes sense that it took a lot of love, peace, and dope to get us there finally. 

What’s So Special About Nano-CBD?

Although all of Goddess Well's ingredients are extra special, there are a few MVPs that we need to recognize. One being Nano-CBD.

You’ve probably heard of the cannabinoid CBD but may wonder what the jumble is Nano-CBD. If you guessed tiny amounts of CBD, then you’re partially correct. Essentially, Nano-CBD is exactly how it sounds: smaller CBD particles. But why would we want a nanoscopic amount of CBD? Well, let us tell you why. 

Through high-tech methods, CBD can take the form of tiny CBD particles. This method increases the CBD molecule's surface area, increasing bioavailability. We know, big word. Bioavailability refers to the amount of CBD you consume versus the amount that enters the bloodstream. When we break down CBD into tinier particles, CBD can reach your bloodstream faster—producing potent effects that kick in quicker than most CBD products on the market. In short, Nano-CBD can reach your bloodstream sooner, allowing for a quicker onset time, more substantial effects, and an absorption level double what ordinary CBD can achieve. 

It’s a no-brainer why we went with Nano-CBD for most of our products. But also because you deserve only the best during your time of healing. The idea was to create wellness products so you could feel them working and rest assured knowing they’re doing their job. 

Evening Primrose Oil

Evening Primrose Oil, or as many call this superior supplement, EPO. Used in almost all Goddess Well products, this oil has many benefits. Made from the flowers of a plant native to North America and has been used for hundreds of years. In the 17th century, EPO became a popular folk remedy in Europe, known as “the King’s cure-all.” Now, still somewhat fitting, with advanced research, this oil is promoted as a dietary supplement for treating ailments, providing anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and pain-relieving effects.

We chose to implement this oil for its incredible healing properties. The oil from evening primrose seeds contains omega-6 fatty acids that work wonders for the body when consumed orally and topically. We wanted to incorporate herbs that heightened our feminine power and self-healing power. EPO is excellent for treating breast pain and PMS symptoms, lessening nerve pain, and helping to reduce hot flashes and other menopause symptoms. As women who experienced these symptoms firsthand, we knew we needed to add Evening Primrose Oil to the mix. 

And The List Goes On And On

In addition to the two MVP ingredients listed above, we use several more beneficial herbs and oils that complement each other and add to each product's overall formula and healing power. All elements used were thoughtfully chosen to serve a purpose and bring some extra oomph back into your life. 

On top of that, each component holds spiritual properties that you can incorporate into your practice and use to heighten your vibrational frequency. When combining the spiritual aspects of herbs with their medicinal benefits, you supercharge the outcome you're trying to reach, aka more clarity and a better mood, invoking confidence while relieving cramps or entering a state of vitality as you simultaneously take on menopause symptoms. Consider it the yin and yang of spiritual healing.

Here is a list of more Goddess Well ingredients and their medicinal and spiritual benefits. 


Saw Palmetto

Medicinally: may help improve urinary tract function, decrease inflammation, and naturally boost testosterone levels. These reasons are part of what makes Harmony’s formula oh-so mighty! 

Spiritually: used to enhance a state of vitality. 

Chaste Tree

Medicinally: chaste tree berries are promoted as a supplement for PMS and breast pain associated with the menstrual cycle and aid menopausal symptoms.  It’s because of these benefits we choose to use chaste tree in Harmony.

Spiritually: used to help provide guidance and clarity to visualize your goal.

Clary Sage

Medicinally: used to reduce stress and provoke a state of calm, clearing the mind and reducing feelings of anxiety, as well as alleviating menopause symptoms and holding antibacterial properties. A complimentary component in Radiance.

Spiritually: said to relax tension and support vitality, boost confidence, lift fatigue, calm anxiety and panic, and overcome depression.


Medicinally: a rich source of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds, thought to help the immune system and improve blood circulation. Rosemary is considered a cognitive stimulant and can help improve memory, so we incorporated this herb into Harmony.

Spiritually: rosemary is known as one of the best tonics for the central nervous system because it acts as a brain stimulant and has a long history of improving memory, supporting psychic protection, and intuition.


Cranberry Seed

Medicinally: provides the body with skin-improving vitamins A, E, C, and K. Additionally offering skin hydration and helps prevent UTIs, which is why it’s the crème de la crème of herbs used in Serenity.

Spiritually: symbolizing abundance and gratitude and promoting healing of chakras and bringing a state of rejuvenation.

Cinnamon Bark

Medicinally: may help fight bacterial infections in the body and uterus while providing anti-inflammatory properties and boosting immunity. 

Spiritually: used for years as a way to enhance clairvoyance and bring insight to the questions you’ve been asking.



Medicinally: this spice contains a compound called curcumin, a natural anti-inflammatory. Curcumin increases antioxidant capacity and offers extraordinary skin benefits, such as preventing premature aging and protection against environmental damage. It’s a no-brainer that we included it in the mix for Radiance. Who doesn’t want glowing skin? Are we right?

Spiritually: known as Golden Goddess, used to purify the body, blood, and spiritual energy system.


Medicinally: used to boost brain function by increasing levels of dopamine and serotonin and help fight infections by removing bacteria in the body.

Spiritually: used for many benefits such as protection, balancing the root chakra, repealing bad dreams, bringing prosperity, and speeding up manifestations.


Medicinally: the anti-inflammatory effects of resveratrol make it an excellent remedy in aiding skin inflammation, as well as the role it plays in protecting ovarian health.

Spiritually: when taken, resveratrol awakens a sense of calm, strengthening your root chakra and allowing you to clear your thoughts and slip into a state of tranquility.

Made For Women By Women

As we continue to create more products designed to awaken a woman’s inherent feminine power and bring ease back into life, we'll continue to incorporate more of life's finest herbs and oils. We know that plant medicine opens a gateway to alternative options. Thus, improving health while getting the added benefit of opening the heart chakra, allowing for a more abundant and blissful healing experience and overall state of comfort as you go forward and take on what life throws your way.

We hope we left you as reassured and confident in Goddess Well products as we are. When creating GW, we knew we only wanted to use ingredients we would want to put into our own bodies. That logic makes sense, right? We thought so. 

We're proud to offer wellness products made with not only the finest sourced ingredients but made with a whole lot of love! Click here to view all Goddess Well products and get 30 off your next order when you use the code HEALING30 at checkout.

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