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The Yoni-Throat Connection— Advocating For Our True Voice

Hello goddess! It’s time we talk, yoni. The yoni in Sanskrit can translate to the womb or vagina. Our yoni and throat are the two leading portals for energy to enter and exit the female body. Did you know our throat and vocal cords are connected to our yoni? They couldn’t seem further from one another yet, are deeply intertwined. When either the yoni or throat are opened, we as women have access to harnessing the Divine Feminine. The yoni-throat connection is how we as women can collectively learn to harness energy from within to activate our one true voice.

I am woman. Hear me moan!

There's a reason that the pelvis and the jaw represent anatomical polarities. Upon entry onto this planet, the yoni and throat start out by emerging from the same source within the womb. Upon exiting mom's vajayjay, one becomes two, dividing to become the throat and the vagina. Our neck is called the cervical spine, and the lower, narrow section of the uterus is called the cervix, Latin for neck. Coincidence? Definitely not (we know there are no coincidences :))

Not only are our yoni and throat very similar from an anatomical perspective, but they are also energetically linked. Parallel to each other, the throat and vagina work harmoniously within our bodies. Allowing for us to tap into our feminine power and achieve ecstasy. Notice what happens when you kiss someone for the first time. What's happening inside your yoni? Or, how do you sound during an orgasm? We begin to drop deeper into our bodies and reconnect to the primal, sexual power that resides in our yonis. Opening the throat, vocalizing our sexual pleasure, and relaxing that area will transfer those same emotions and open up the pelvic floor. But, if movement or energy flow in either is constricted, it tends to be restricted in both. Leaving us disconnected and no longer able to tap into our power.

Too many of us set intentions to communicate more, express more, set boundaries, and then in the last second, altogether freeze. If that sounds like you, you're not alone! Too many women exist without the power to speak up. Since the dawn of ages, we have been trained not to speak out, even if wrongly manhandled or abused, out of fear of retribution. Instinctually it doesn't feel safe for us to speak in our power, just as it hasn't felt entirely safe for us to be sexually liberated. We can tend to hold a lot of oppression and trauma in our bodies. For many, sexual health can be a challenging and an intimidating topic to speak on and has dejectedly led women to go against their own boundaries and beliefs. I think we can all agree here. SOMETIMES -  In the words of Lizzo, "It's about damn time." Enough is enough! It's time we collectively advocate for the Divine Feminine. Who’s with me??!


Now that we know the physical connection between these two parts of the body. Let’s explore the relationship between our yoni, our sexuality, our voice, and our expression. Similar to our yonis, our voice is equally as sensitive, attune, and wise. We all know someone who embodies their voice entirely – it’s mesmerizing, magnetic even! They’ve fully activated their voice and sexuality … and you can also (keep reading).

One of the best ways you can learn to speak up, build up your confidence, and reclaim your sexual power is by using your VOICE. The voice isn’t just related to speech. It’s also connected to how you communicate your expressions. Even if it’s only a chuckle or a deep sigh, it’s directly tied to the yoni. When we relax our throat and mouth, so does our pelvic floor. We can feel it open and soften if we pay close attention. Go ahead … try it right now. Try to sing! Yep, that’s it, you’re doing it, you’re activating your voice!

A simple way of fi out how alive our womb is feeling is to notice how effectively and effortlessly we use our voice in daily expression and conversations. Singing or humming daily will bring bliss and activate the parasympathetic nervous system (our body’s ability to relax), stimulating the entire sensory in the body. So, the next time you taste delicious food, make a sound! When you hear a hilarious joke, laugh out loud! When you make love or self-pleasure, make a sound from the satisfaction! Start to notice how pleasure responds and continues to grow each time. If you feel like you’re fully in your voice, you’re most likely fully in your sexuality as well. Identifying a distinction between the two can be a significant first step in building a greater capacity for expression, communication, and pleasure.


As we start to see and feel the deep, magical connection between our voice and yoni, it's time we start advocating for our true power. When we begin believing in our control, we start to own our voices. We begin to sink deeper into our bodies and reconnect to the primal, sexual power that resides within us. I'm not going to lie. It will feel intimidating at first, but trust me, the reward is worth it. Here are a few exercises and a few herbal remedies that can help you cultivate a loving relationship with your body and voice.

Practicing Voice

OK, we'll be honest. This first exercise may feel uncomfortable, but that's the point. We need to step out of our comfort zone to grow. Set yourself up by positioning your body in front of your bathroom mirror and start flirting with yourself, and I mean dirty talk and all. Go ahead and get open and sexy with yourself, girl. Start by speaking loudly, singing, heck, screaming at the top of your lungs! The purpose here is to get yourself to open up your throat, let the energy move through your voice, and allow you to truly hear yourself without judgment. When we start believing in our power, we begin to own our voices.

Practicing Sensuality

It's time we get comfortable with our bodies and get to know ourselves in a loving, curious, and receptive way. Stop neglecting "me time," and treat yourself to some much needed solitude. It's time to connect to your body sensually. Netflix and chill. Party of one, amirite? Start by tracing every body part, noticing how your yoni reacts to each movement and placement. Play with different strokes, touching every detail of yourself, but your yoni, take your time tending to other parts before you get to her. You might just find that she invites you. If not this session, soon. Our yoni's want to be wined and dined. They need romance. I mean, you expect that for yourself, right? Your yoni is part of your magic. So, try this out multiple times a week. A deep and breathtaking relationship with your body will soon blossom.

Practicing Grounding

One of the best ways to ease into a state of tranquility is by adding CBD to the routine. This medicinal plant is not only a natural, holistic remedy but can also help with your spiritual health and journey, specifically in areas related to women and our empowerment. The next time you meditate, try consuming CBD prior. With the right intention and focus, CBD can offer you the ability to amplify your clarity. Shining a light on your illusions, inviting you to slip into a more composed, profound, and open-hearted state.

Our spiritual health begins to suffer when we become stressed and overtaken with anxieties. Overthrowing our minds and judgment, restricting our energy flow. CBD has soothing properties that help to keep us calm and physically and spiritually well. This allows us to stay steady in our power, keeping the connection from our yoni to our throat open and ongoing. Head over to our shop to browse CBD made with women in mind.

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