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The Goddess Well
Movement for Empowerment & Self-Healing

Every movement needs a safe harbor from which to organize and act and visionaries to guide and inspire. For Goddess Well, that’s Cosmica and Marcela. Both are spirited energetic centers!

Of course, you’re a vital piece of the movement, too! Our aim is to leverage our space and skills to more effectively serve you. Think of Goddess Well as a springboard or beacon for your personal wellness and empowerment odyssey.

Discover Cosmica Wellness Center

The premise of Cosmica is to offer different holistic modalities to promote self-awareness and freedom and heal mind, body, and spirit so that you can live fully here on Earth while remembering our cosmic essence. — Marcela

Cosmica is our Miami-based hub. Given our lofty goals, our wellness center goes beyond the expected intentional movement classes, natural healers, and such — it’s so much more!

Here are just some of the amenities at Cosmica:

  • Healing arts studio
  • Community gathering area for events and socializing
  • Walking labyrinth around a 150-year-old oak tree
  • Goddess-inspired pond
  • Outdoor fireplace
  • Retail store full of essentials and treats like organic and natural self-care items including Goddess Well CBD products and housemade incense, candles, and soaps; organic cotton and hemp clothing featuring original artwork; printed notebooks, mugs, yoga mats, towels, painted drums, and more. (It’ll be a sensory adventure!)
  • Food truck serving up delicious, nutritious functional food creations — yum!

With a focus on outreach, education, and building a collective of like-minded people — and such an amazing venue — we have lots of classes, workshops, and other programs. There’s a constant rotation of healing and social experiences, learning opportunities, and more for members and wellness professionals.

Just a few examples to pique your interest:

  • A variety of yoga, intentional dance, and other movement-based classes Guided meditation and other mindfulness and energetic practices
  • Classes in medicine painting, painting drums, making malas, and making soaps, candles, and bath bombs
  • A book club and Tantra classes
  • Dimensional wellness classes on finances, relationship, parenthood, etc.
  • Women’s and moon circles
  • Sound healing workshops
  • A monthly holistic market featuring vendors, tarot experts, a reiki circle, music, and food
  • Social and networking events
  • A 9-month-long program called “Queendom Journey”
  • CE courses for wellness practitioners, teachers, and instructors

We’re dedicated to the work it takes for women to cultivate resilience and empowerment and to reclaim their divine feminine. We hope you join us — and the rest of the Goddess Well collective — in a return to honoring Mother Earth and the ancestral lineage that’s an integral part of our humanness.

Empowerment Advocate

Please allow us to introduce our leading lady. She’s the guiding light — the brains, brawn, and beauty — at the core of Goddess Well.

Marcela personally faced a difficult compound health condition that put her on a healing journey. Not satisfied with the treatment choices served up by conventional medicine, she turned to holistic approaches based on ancient wisdom and traditions — like plant medicine (including CBD). The transformation she experienced not only helped her become a healthier, more empowered woman, it inspired her to help others find their own natural paths to improved wellness.

Having found her calling to be a catalyst for the betterment of women’s lives, Marcela hasn’t looked back since. She strives to promote women’s freedom and well-being through a comprehensive variety of Eastern and Western modalities and integrative techniques.

A born leader, Marcela helps other women develop their own empowerment through women’s circles, energy work, yoga, and medicine painting. She’s also a longtime devotee to the use of herbs and essential oils to bring about positive wellness changes in her own life.

Unsurprisingly, Marcela’s beyond excited for every opportunity to fuse her various passions into a shared endeavor like Cosmica. The idea of helping women gain knowledge, self-awareness, and the solutions they desperately need really charges her up.

Head over to Cosmica and say, “Hello!”