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On a Mission with a Vision

Our Manifesto

  • Abandon what doesn’t serve us anymore
  • Shed outdated tales and myths that keep us from truth and authenticity
  • Detox, deconstruct, and disconnect…so you can reconnect renewed and empowered
  • Access our heart-centered wisdom
  • Examine ourselves honestly and holistically to find balance
  • Unleash the infinite power that has been in us all along

Holistic, Back-to-Basics Paradigm

At Goddess Well, we don’t think you can treat just one part of a woman. Everything’s connected and changing one thing impacts something else. It’s more than the mind-body premise, though. For example, you’re tied to your environment and community as well. This is why we take stock in the concept of multi-dimensional wellness. We’re primarily catering to the physical aspects with our premium CBD products. But we’re also attuned to the other facets — like emotional, spiritual, intellectual, and social — at all times.

With a humble and holistic mindset, our:

  • Approach is open, honest, and draws on the wisdom of women
  • Products are practical and nature-centric
  • Information is thorough and well-researched

Inclusivity & Diversity

All women — regardless of color, race, ability, age, origins, sexual or gender identity, etc. — are beautiful inside and out. Every last one is consequential and sacred — authentic divine feminines. We’re building a safe, supportive space where people from all walks of life feel welcomed and comfortable. Goddess Well aims to acknowledge a rainbow of perspectives and life experiences so that all women are represented with sensitivity. Health and wellness are very personal — so it should feel like the information and products apply to you! It’s our philosophy that we’re better together, building each other up. We’re committed to being champions of positivity, empowerment, self-discovery, and connection. And Goddess Well is pleased to be on this journey with you

Focus on You

  • Making sure you’re getting unparalleled value with twice the CBD as other brands
  • Offering unique products that specifically aim at women’s health issues
  • Only using proven-effective, high-quality natural and organic ingredients
  • Creating high-end solutions that are sustainably sourced, produced, and packaged
  • Encouraging you to believe in your own magic
  • Supporting your exploration of self