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Unleash Your Authentic Voice: Embracing the New Moon in Gemini

Hey there, goddess! At Goddess Well, we are more than just a women's wellness brand. We are on a mission to guide and empower our community to embrace the highest quality of living in their inner worlds. As we embark on this journey together, we not only provide you with the highest quality products, but we also aim to serve as a trusted source of wisdom and inspiration. 

That’s why ahead of each New Moon, we gather to inform, uplift, and connect, ensuring that you are fully prepared to embrace the transformative energies that lie ahead. Now, we invite you to delve into the magical realm of the upcoming New Moon in Gemini with us, and discover the path to unleashing your authentic voice.

The Yoni-Throat Connection: Laying The Groundwork for Expansion

Before we explore the enchanting influence of the New Moon in Gemini, let's revisit the profound link between your yoni and your throat. In our blog post about the yoni-throat connection, we uncovered the transformative connection these sacred centers share. turns out that these sacred centers have a deep and transformative connection.  It's a cosmic dance that allows you to fearlessly express your truest self and forge a deeper connection with your inner being — which is right on theme with this New Moon.

New Moon in Gemini 2023 Theme: Setting Your Voice Free

Gemini, the expressive powerhouse ruled by Mercury, is taking the spotlight during the New Moon. Get ready to unleash the power of your authentic voice and embrace the liberation that awaits. This is your chance to explore the depths of your being, discover your true self, and let your voice soar like never before.

Here are our recommendations on how to maximize the potential of this renewing energy of the moon this weekend.

Practice #1 - Embrace Self-Reflection:

As the New Moon graces the night sky, it's the perfect time for some soul-searching. Take a moment to reflect on your innermost desires, fears, and dreams. Grab your journal, find a cozy spot, and let your thoughts flow freely. This journey of self-reflection will guide you toward unlocking your authentic voice within.

Practice #2 - Unleashing Your Creative Expression:

Get ready to ignite your creative fire! Gemini's energy is here to fuel your artistic spirit and encourage exploration in various forms of self-expression. Whether you're a wordsmith, painter, dancer, or a shower-singing superstar, let your inner artist thrive! Allow the creative energy to flow from your yoni to your throat, unveiling vibrant and authentic ways to express yourself.

Practice #3 - Speaking Your Truth with Confidence:

Listen up, goddess! The universe has your back during this powerful lunar phase. It's time to shed any inhibitions and let your voice be heard loud and clear. Embrace the courage to express your authentic thoughts, feelings, and opinions. Remember, your voice holds immeasurable power and value. By sharing your truth with the world, you contribute to the collective wisdom and inspire others to do the same.

Practice #4 - Mindful Communication: Cultivating Connections

Gemini's influence serves as a powerful reminder of the significance of mindful communication. Take a moment to pause, to truly listen, and to understand the voices of others. Let's nurture a culture of compassionate communication, fostering genuine connections and deepening our understanding of one another. By honoring and valuing the voices of those around you, you create a harmonious space where authentic expression can flourish, weaving a tapestry of unity and empathy.


Now that we've explored mindful ways to move and interact during this transformative cycle, let's delve into physical practices that embrace the energy of the New Moon.

Enhancing the Yoni-Throat Connection with CBD: Unveiling Inner Harmony

Aligned with our mission to guide you towards the highest quality of living in your inner world, allow us to introduce our exceptional Harmony and Radiance blends. These meticulously crafted products are your allies on the journey of self-discovery and balance.

Harmony: Hormonal Mood Aid (For Our Beautiful Warriors)

Envision harnessing the potent energy of the New Moon in Gemini to restore inner equilibrium and harmony to your hormones. Our Harmony blend is the celestial companion you seek on this transformative voyage. Blending highly absorbable Nano-CBD with a unique fusion of natural herbs, this harmonious potion harmonizes and soothes, bringing balance and serenity to your life.

Radiance: PMS & Menopause Relief (For the Moon Goddesses)

Ladies, if you find yourself navigating the realms of menopause or journeying through your moon cycle during this transformative New Moon, fear not. Our Radiance formula, enriched with the power of Nano-CBD and carefully selected botanicals, stands by your side. Embrace relief and support as you bid farewell to the challenges and embrace your divine feminine energy with grace and confidence.


So, goddess, are you prepared to unlock the depths of your authentic voice during this New Moon in Gemini? Let us embark on this cosmic odyssey together, weaving magic in our inner worlds. With Goddess Well as your guide, you will radiate your true essence and embrace the highest quality of living within. Get ready to unleash your voice and let the universe reverberate with your empowered roar!

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